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Is the buffet available on Thursday?? How much does it cost for buffet? Chicken or lamb curry? Indian rice pudding? Planning on going tomorrow.

Sorry we didn't buy any food from there..we ate outside for all the 3 days we stayed

hours for Sundays?

11 am to 2:30pm and 5pm to 9pm

Is your food halal

The owner told us it is..

Is the meat halal

Great place love it

Do they offer lunch buffet ? And how much it is?

How much is the lunch buffet?

Do they have a kids menu?

I don't believe so

Any good vegan options here??

Yes they do have some really good vegan options. They also make the vegeterian items as Vegan if desired. Also in their buffet they have several Vegan options

Is this food Halal????

It is.

Do they cater?

It's very expensive

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